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Marketplace Insurance Exchange is an award-winning insurance agency offering top-quality local health insurance plans. Since 2003, we've established ourselves as an industry leader for supplemental insurance, individual insurance, and group health insurance for employees and businesses. We combine affordable rates, a personalized service approach, and customizable coverage packages.

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Health Insurance for Individuals—Personal, Affordable, Dependable

Our mission is simple: to provide affordable, accessible medical insurance to all Americans. As a local agency, we strive to extend health care to those who still need it.

We provide a range of individual health care packages designed to give our clients optimal coverage for their health and medical. Whether you need assistance obtaining primary medical insurance or you're seeking supplemental coverage, you can count on us to find the ideal plan for you. And you can trust us to provide it at an affordable rate within your budget.

Our plans include a variety of supplemental Medicare insurance options, including dental and vision coverage. To find out more, be sure to contact us today.

Low-Income Assistance Available

At Marketplace Insurance Exchange, we continually give back to our community through charity work and financial assistance programs. To help expand the reach of affordable health care, we offer aid to those who may not earn enough to access conventional insurance programs.

Group Health Insurance Plans for Employees

We're proud to be one of the leading providers of group health insurance programs in the local area. We offer a range of policy options suited to different types of employers and business owners. All of them, however, help you:

  • Provide optimal coverage for your employees
  • Gain a competitive advantage over other employers
  • Boost employee loyalty
  • Save money

Our group plans are heavily customizable. When you choose a plan from us, we'll work with you to tailor the package so that it fits your employees' needs, meets your approval, and stays within your budget.

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The Health Insurance Agency Committed to Its Customers

We are committed to helping Americans gain the coverage they need to stay healthy, safe, and financially secure. That commitment shines through everything that we do. It stands out in the quality of our services, our strong reputation, and our exceptionally high rates of customer satisfaction. It's what makes us a leader in our field.

Over the years, our dedication has received commendation from numerous awarding bodies. We're proud to have been recognized as a Top Field Marketing Organization (FMO) and a Top Producer in the insurance industry.

We continue to devote ourselves beyond the realm of insurance sales. As an active member of the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU), we continually lobby at the federal and state level to ensure that all Americans have the right to affordable health care.

With us, you know you've got an insurance agent who's on your side, and a professional who has your interests at heart.

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Dearborn, MI Individual Health Insurance

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" while there is some truth to this old saying being in need of medical care often leads to a person becoming financially weak. This is why health insurance exists. To help those individuals who plan ahead to keep their financial situation intact in the event of a health issue. The cost of seeing a doctor or being hospitalized is always increasing, leading many to debts that they are not able to afford.

Regardless of your age, present physical health, or any existing health coverage you may already have, choosing the right health insurance options that fit your particular needs, as well as your budget, requires the skill and experience of an insurance expert to ensure that you and your loved ones are fully protected. Marketplace Insurance Exchange offers a full range of affordable health plans and works closely with individuals and families to find the most suitable coverage options.

Affordable Health Insurance Plans Designed Just For You

Ideally, your health coverage should reflect the changes at each life stage. Marketplace Insurance Exchange offers a range of health plans that can be tailored to your individual situation.

Choose from:

Individual medical coverage

designed for those who do not have any health insurance with their employer in the Dearborn, MI region.

Medicare supplemental insurance

gives seniors extra coverage to help with medical expenses that are not covered by Medicare.

Supplemental health insurance

provides you with a fixed benefit amount for unexpected expenses in addition to the primary health coverage you already have.

Primary medical insurance coverage

is designed for people who don't have this type of coverage through their employer or another group.

Customized Medicare Supplemental Coverage

Ask a Marketplace Insurance Exchange health insurance specialist for more information about specialized supplemental Medicare coverage (Part A, B, D).

Contact our Dearborn, MI insurance advisers to find out more about individual health care coverage that can include medical, dental and vision plans. Protect your family's well-being by ensuring you have protection when you need it most. With a wide range of options and a multitude of carriers at our disposal Marketplace Insurance Exchange experts can provide the individual coverage you need at affordable rates.

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